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About jennifer


I'm 50/50

Half country, half city makes city guiding in Central Park the perfect fit for me. 

15 years studying this big park, I'd like to think that I'm a park expert 

without the Ph.D! 

I awaken to my very first park thought,

usually ends the very same way. 


Connection & Content

Striking the balance of content & connection is my goal. 

Park story needs a beginning, middle, and ending. 

Must include a meaningful takeaway,

and ultimately we must have fun together.


No Groups Over 8 Guests

For park magic to happen, no large groups here. 

Groups of 8 guests or less allows for spontaneous stops, meeting friends of the park, and so much more. 

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Special Requests Available

For small group tours (private, school, or corporate), I can customize an itinerary to emphasize your interests. If you have a special request, send a message & I will be sure to get back to you soon.

Paths of Central Park

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